Cllr. Donnelly congratulates Tesco workers in Douglas, as their strike is over

1st May 2009

At direct talks between Tesco management and the Mandate union in the Labour Relations Commission yesterday evening, agreement was reached on the transfer of staff from the old shop to the new Tesco Extra shop in Douglas.  The Green Party’s candidate for the Carrigaline electoral area of Cork County Council and for Passage West Town Council, Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, congratulated all sides in bringing the dispute to a speedy resolution.  It just remains for Tesco and Mandate to go back to the LRC next Thursday to sign off on the agreement.

“The long-standing workers at Tesco in Douglas are delighted that they can now transfer to the new shop with all their terms and conditions intact.  This is all they wanted all along, and why Tesco was trying to bully them in to accepting lesser terms and conditions, when Tesco is highly profitable, is a symptom of a corporate greed culture which must be challenged, whenever it rears its ugly head,” Cllr. Donnelly said.

“The workers were absolutely delighted with the support they received from the people and businesses of the Douglas area, without whom this result would not have been possible.  This dispute was a classic case of people power – when people stand together to fight for what they believe to be right, anything can be achieved,”  Cllr. Donnelly added.

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