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Cllr. Donnelly welcomes €696,400 funding for recycling in County Cork from the Environment Fund

23rd May 2009

Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, Green Party member of Passage West Town Council and candidate for the Carrigaline area of Cork County Council, has welcomed the announcement from the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, John Gormley, of funding for the operating costs of bring banks and civic amenity sites from the Environment Fund. Cork County Council will receive €696,400 out of a total allocation of €6.4 million nationally for the period July to December 2008. This is an increase of €1.4 million over the equivalent period in 2007. The money in the Environment Fund comes from the Plastic Bag Levies and the Landfill Levies.

Cllr. Donnelly said: “It is very welcome news that Minister Gormley has increased the level of funding from the Environment Fund to help local authorities defray the costs of running bring banks and civic amenity sites. With the global market for recyclates suffering from a huge drop in prices currently, it is costing all local authorities significantly more than it used to, to provide bring banks and civic amenity sites. This demonstrates the Government’s determination to support measures to aid the recovery and recycling of waste.”

Cllr. Donnelly continued: “I hope that Cork County Council will now use this increased funding to remove the gate fee of €3 for the civic amenity sites which they imposed earlier this year. This gate fee is proving to be a huge disincentive for the public to do the right thing, and recycle as much of their waste as they possibly can. In these times of economic constraint on many families, it is vitally important that they do not incur extra costs in order to recycle their waste in the correct way. It is vital that Cork County Council removes the €3 gate fee for civic amenity sites right away.”

Any posters erected before midnight should all receive fines of €150 each say Cork Greens

5th May 2009  11 pm

The Cork Green Party has expressed its absolute disgust at all the many candidates who have broken the law and started putting up their election posters before midnight of Tuesday night.  As of Tuesday evening there are countless posters around the city area, from members of all the main parties except the Green Party.

On behalf of his Green Party colleagues, Cllr. Dominick Donnelly said:  “Any candidate who started putting up their posters before midnight on Tuesday has shown a complete disregard for the law, and is therefore not fit to be elected.  The Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government issued very clear instructions to all parties as to the rules around postering.  I have witnessed European election posters up well before midnight for Fine Gael (the so-called Law and Order party) candidates Sean Kelly and Colm Burke, Labour candidate Alan Kelly, Sinn Fein candidate Toireasa Ferris and independent candidate Kathy Synnott, as well as for local election candidates Seamus McGrath (Fianna Fail), Tim Lombard (Fine Gael) and Donncha O Laoghaire (Sinn Fein).  Cork City and County Councils must act on this, and must be seen to act on this.  Otherwise these cheats are just making a mockery of the law, and thereby the electorate, and they are clearly not fit for public office,” Cllr. Donnelly said.

“The City and County Councils must impose the fines of €150 for each poster.  To do otherwise would be negligent in the extreme, and would open the door to future gross neglect of the litter laws.  I have a number of photographs of posters taken before midnight on Tuesday, which will all be sent in to the relevant local authority, and I ask any members of the public with similar evidence to do likewise.  Each and all of the offences should be pursued, and the fines imposed should form part of the candidates official election expenditure.  In sport, if someone starts a race early they get disqualified, or at least a heavy penalty.  The same should apply to candidates who cannot abide by a very simple rule” Cllr. Donnelly concluded.


Cllr. Dominick Donnelly (Carrigaline area of Cork County Council and Passage West Town Council), on behalf of fellow Green Party candidates Mick Murphy (Cork City South West), Mary Ryder (Cork City South Central), Stephen Crowley (Cork City South East) and Mark Collins (Macroom area of Cork County Council).

Cllr. Donnelly urges council authorities to be strict on illegal posters

30th April 2009

Candidates that erect early should be fined, say Greens

The Green Party’s candidate for the Carrigaline electoral area of Cork County Council and for Passage West Town Council, Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, today urged the council authorities to be vigilant about candidates that illegally put up their election posters early.

The Environment Minister John Gormley recently issued a reminder to all candidates participating in the upcoming local and European elections that posters may not be erected any earlier than 6th May, which is 30 days before the polling date of June 5th. His department has also written to local authorities and political parties reminding them of their responsibilities.

“It is within the council’s authority to issues on-the-spot litter fines to any candidate in breach of the time limits, either before or after the election, and I would urge them to do so if they find any posters up before the 6th May,” Cllr. Donnelly said.

“Litter is a problem in the community and so is visual pollution. Election candidates are permitted to put up posters for a 30 day period before polling day in order to inform the public about the candidates standing for office. Those who abuse this right should be dealt with firmly.  Candidates and their election teams should also be mindful not to erect posters in locations that might impact on the line of sight of road users,”  Cllr. Donnelly added.

“While posters advertising public meetings are permitted, any members of the public that see election posters up early should contact Cork County Council on (021) 4276891.”

Cllr. Donnelly congratulates the residents of Bracken Court in Donnybrook for spring cleaning their estat

27th April 2009

Cllr. Dominick Donnelly with Bracken Court resident Helen Maher, and the pile of rubbish collected by the residents

Cllr. Dominick Donnelly with Bracken Court resident Helen Maher, and the pile of rubbish collected by the residents

The residents of Bracken Court in Donnybrook did a spring clean on their estate on Sunday 26th April.  The clean up was meant to happen on Saturday, but was postponed to Sunday due to the bad weather on Saturday.  Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, Green Party member of Passage West Town Council and candidate for Cork County Council for the Carrigaline electoral area, helped the residents with their clean up.

Cllr. Donnelly said: “It is great to see the residents taking the initiative and cleaning up their own estate.  The residents of Bracken Court do a clean up every year, and it shows.  The estate is very well maintained and kept very clean.  Ideally there would be no need for clean ups, but given that some members of our society have no regard for their surroundings, it is left to the rest of us who care to clean up for the minority.  We really need a lot more litter wardens, so that those who litter are caught and prosecuted.”

Cllr. Donnelly congratulates St. Luke’s School, Douglas, on their first Green Flag

23rd April 2009

Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, Green Party member of Passage West Town Council and candidate for Cork County Council for the Carrigaline electoral area, which includes Douglas, today congratulated St. Luke’s School in Douglas on the raising of their first Green Flag, for litter and waste management.  The flag was raised this morning by Green Party leader and Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, John Gormley.

The minister was welcomed to the school by the Principal Maire Roycroft and the Green School Co-ordinator of St. Luke’s, Norma Dennehy, and before the minister raised the flag, the children enacted a wonderful presentation, in which they explained the whole process of achieving their green flag.  The whole school then treated the minister to a wonderful rendition of their green school song, “I said no thanks, there’s too much rubbish for me”.  In congratulating the children on their achievement, the minister stressed how important protecting the environment is for the children, so that they can grow up to enjoy a healthy and vibrant planet.  The Minister encouraged the school to stay involved with the Green School programme, and to go on and achieve further green flags.

Cllr. Donnelly, who accompanied the minister on his visit, said: “The Green School programme is an excellent way to make the children aware how important our environment is to all our lives.  It is marvellous to see the children embrace the essential ideas of environmentalism with such vigour and enthusiasm.  The lessons they learn through the programme will stand to them all their lives.  It is so vital for our future on this planet that all our children learn these essential lessons and carry them with them through their lives.  All at St. Luke’s are to be congratulated for this initiative.”

Cllr. Donnelly welcomes anti litter and graffiti grant to Cork County Council

14th April 2009

Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, the Green Party member of Passage West Town Council and candidate for Cork County Council, has welcomed the announcement by Mr. John Gormley, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, and Mr. Michael Kitt, T.D., Minister of State at the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, of the allocation of €1,070,000 in grants to local authorities for public education and awareness initiatives in relation to both litter and graffiti, with Cork County Council receiving €42,000 of that.

Cllr. Donnelly said:  “Litter and graffiti are both major problems for all our communities, and these grants help the county council raise public awareness and promote anti-litter and anti-graffiti activity at local level.  We must all work together to remove the scourge of litter and graffiti from our communities, which can make them very unattractive places to live.  There is a particular focus of these grants on involving schools and young people and on voluntary initiatives carried out by community groups, which is to be welcomed, as the only way for them to be successful is to have the community fully involved.”

In announcing the grant allocations for 2009, Minister Gormley said, “Despite the economic slow down, it is important that we strive to maintain the sustained decrease we have seen in litter pollution levels across the country over the last ten years.  While there has been a small decrease in the level of grants allocated this year, this in no way reflects any lack of commitment on the part of Government to the ongoing war against litter.  The appearance of a community remains vital to both social and economic activity, and local authorities and community groups must strive to do more with less”.

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