Public should support the striking workers in Tesco Douglas, says Cllr. Donnelly

28th April 2009 

Following the ongoing appalling way in which the management of Tesco Douglas have been treating their long-standing workers over the transfer to the new store later this week, Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, the Green Party member of Passage West Town Council and candidate for Cork County Council for the Douglas area, will be joining the workers on the picket line when the strike starts tomorrow morning.


Cllr. Donnelly said:  “I feel compelled to join the Tesco workers on the picket line in Douglas tomorrow morning, due to the appalling way they have been treated by Tesco management.  Tesco seem to be just driven by pure naked greed, and they really don’t seem to care either about their workers or their conditions.  They want to just use the excuse of the recession to tear up existing contracts so as to improve their own enormous profits.”


“I urge the public to support the Tesco workers by not passing the picket lines, and to avoid spending any money in any Tesco stores.  This is the only way Tesco will be forced to be reasonable.  It seems that if Tesco get away with this appalling behaviour in Douglas, they will do the same thing in other shops around the country,”  continued Cllr. Donnelly.

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