Local election spending limits commence today

7 April 2009

Local Green Party candidate Cllr. Dominick Donnelly has welcomed the introduction of Local Election spending limits announced by Green Party Leader and Minister for Local Government John Gormley. From today, each candidate must record the cost of everything they use in their campaign, including posters, leaflets, merchandise and advertising.

Cllr. Donnelly said: “It is in everybody’s interest that there should be clear and reasonable spending limits as this ensures a level playing field for all candidates and the most democratic outcome. In the competitive atmosphere at an election, parties and candidates can be drawn into a spiral of competitive spending which can serve no real purpose other than to run the risk of needless increased expenditure.”

For the Carrigaline area of Cork County Council a limit of €15,000 will apply. Spending amounts are calculated on a sliding scale based on population, with a top limit of €15,000 to apply in the most populated areas. Due to their different administrative responsibilities, a standard spending limit of €7,500 will apply to all 80 borough and town councils.  

Cllr. Donnelly said: “I also welcome stricter controls on election posters. The time period during which candidates can exhibit election posters has now been clarified – Local and European election candidates can only erect posters from 6th May, which is 30 days before the polling date.  All posters must be removed by 12 June.

“For those who are not registered to vote, there is still time,” said Cllr Donnelly. “You can apply for entry in the Supplement to the register of electors by filling out a form available from City and County Councils, from Garda Stations, Libraries, Post Offices and on-line at www.checktheregister.ie. The final date for the receipt of completed supplement application forms by City and County Councils is Monday 18th May 2009.”

Minister John Gormley has made an order appointing Friday 5 June 2009 as the Local Election polling day. Stations will open between 7am and 10pm.

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