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Cllr. Donnelly congratulates St. Luke’s School, Douglas, on their first Green Flag

23rd April 2009

Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, Green Party member of Passage West Town Council and candidate for Cork County Council for the Carrigaline electoral area, which includes Douglas, today congratulated St. Luke’s School in Douglas on the raising of their first Green Flag, for litter and waste management.  The flag was raised this morning by Green Party leader and Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government, John Gormley.

The minister was welcomed to the school by the Principal Maire Roycroft and the Green School Co-ordinator of St. Luke’s, Norma Dennehy, and before the minister raised the flag, the children enacted a wonderful presentation, in which they explained the whole process of achieving their green flag.  The whole school then treated the minister to a wonderful rendition of their green school song, “I said no thanks, there’s too much rubbish for me”.  In congratulating the children on their achievement, the minister stressed how important protecting the environment is for the children, so that they can grow up to enjoy a healthy and vibrant planet.  The Minister encouraged the school to stay involved with the Green School programme, and to go on and achieve further green flags.

Cllr. Donnelly, who accompanied the minister on his visit, said: “The Green School programme is an excellent way to make the children aware how important our environment is to all our lives.  It is marvellous to see the children embrace the essential ideas of environmentalism with such vigour and enthusiasm.  The lessons they learn through the programme will stand to them all their lives.  It is so vital for our future on this planet that all our children learn these essential lessons and carry them with them through their lives.  All at St. Luke’s are to be congratulated for this initiative.”

Cllr. Donnelly asks the public to support the Tesco workers’ strike

21st April 2009

Following the meeting of the Mandate trade union yesterday evening, at which a clear majority voted for strike action at Tesco Douglas, Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, the Green Party member of Passage West Town Council and candidate for Cork County Council, who has been working with the Tesco workers since this problem first came to light over the Easter weekend, expressed regret that Tesco’s unwillingness to negotiate has led to this strike.


Cllr. Donnelly said:  “This strike has become inevitable given the disdain Tesco has shown to its workers over the past week and a half.  With Tesco announcing record profits globally of over €3 billion today, this is obviously not a company in trouble.  Therefore Tesco should just transfer its existing workforce in Douglas to the new larger Tesco Extra store, which is due to open on May 1st, without changing their contracts of employment.  There is absolutely no reason for the workers to have their terms and conditions changed, except the corporate greed of Tesco Ireland.”


“I hope Tesco will see sense, and will see sense very soon, so that this dispute can be resolved quickly.  The sympathies of the population of the Douglas area are very much on the side of the workers, and they will support the workers by staying away from Tesco if this strike proceeds.  This is hardly the start Tesco want for their new store.” concluded Cllr. Donnelly.

Cllr. Donnelly welcomes Tesco’s change of heart with some employees in Douglas

16th April 2009

Now the same must happen for all their existing workers

Following meetings today between management at Tesco Douglas and representatives of SIPTU and the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland, at which satisfactory terms were agreed for their members in the transfer to the new Tesco Extra store in Douglas, Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, the Green Party member of Passage West Town Council and candidate for Cork County Council, has encouraged Tesco Ireland to treat the vast majority of their existing workers, who are members of the Mandate union, in the same way.


Cllr. Donnelly said:  “I welcome the fact that Tesco has today agreed to treat its employees who are members of SIPTU or the Craft Butchers fairly.  However these are only small numbers of people, and the vast majority of Tesco’s employees, who are members of Mandate, are still being treated appallingly.  Why Tesco is behaving in this way with people who have given just long and loyal service is beyond belief, and is proving to be a P.R. disaster for the company.”


“I urge the management of Tesco Douglas to sit down with representatives of Mandate as soon as possible, and to negotiate reasonable terms for the transfer of the staff to the new store.  Otherwise they are going to lose huge numbers of customers, as the level of anger in the community is huge, and Tesco are very rapidly losing the goodwill of the local community in and around Douglas,” concluded Cllr. Donnelly.

Tesco’s attitude to its workers in Douglas is atrocious, says Cllr. Donnelly

15th April 2009

Following a meeting this afternoon between representatives of the Mandate trade union and Tesco management in Douglas, Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, the Green Party member of Passage West Town Council and candidate for Cork County Council, has strongly criticised Tesco for the approach they are taking with their existing workforce in Douglas. Tesco want all their existing workforce in Douglas to sign up to new terms and conditions, and for their existing work contracts to be nullified, when they move over to the new Tesco Extra shop at the end of this month, and they showed no willingness to change their attitude at today’s meeting.

Cllr. Donnelly said:  “Tesco are treating their existing employees with disdain, and are trying to bully them into accepting lesser terms and conditions of employment.  There is absolutely no need for this, as all that is happening is that Tesco’s are moving into a new larger store, adjacent to the existing store.  However because the new store will be a Tesco Extra, instead of an ordinary Tesco, the management are trying to use this as an excuse to lessen the terms and conditions of its existing employees.”

“The employees who are members of Mandate have informed me that they are having a meeting next Monday, at which they will decide what course of action to take.  They are feeling completely betrayed and bullied by their employer, and have no intention to take this lying down.  Many of these employees have been with Tesco since they first came to Ireland in 1996, and were with Quinnsworth before that, and are disgusted at how they are now being treated.  All they want is to continue working for Tesco under their existing contracts,” concluded Cllr. Donnelly.

Tesco Ireland must not be allowed treat its loyal employees this way, says Cllr. Donnelly

11th April 2009

Green Party member of Passage West Town Council and candidate for the Carrigaline electoral area of Cork County Council, Cllr. Dominick Donnelly has today slammed Tesco Ireland for issuing ultimatums to its employees in Douglas, Co. Cork, over the Easter weekend, when they are unable to consult either their union or their solicitors.  .

Cllr. Donnelly said: “I have been approached by a number of employees of the Tesco store in Douglas Shopping Centre, who are extremely concerned about how they are being treated by their employer.  A number of employees of Tesco in Douglas received letters on Good Friday, which were hand delivered to their homes, saying that they must sign up to new terms and conditions before Tuesday next, the 14th April, or they will be made redundant.  To give your employees such an ultimatum over the Easter weekend, when they are unable either to consult their union or to seek legal advice, is bullying behaviour of the highest order, and cannot be tolerated.  The employees I spoke to today are literally petrified they are going to lose their jobs.”

“Tesco is about to move in to a new larger shop in Douglas as part of the redevelopment of Douglas Shopping Centre at the end of this month, and have been recruiting new staff for the new shop, and seem to be using this as an excuse to bully their existing employees into accepting new terms and conditions.  The employees’ unions have been in negotiations with Tesco, and have instructed their members not to accept the new terms on offer from Tesco.  Tesco basically want to tear up the existing employment contracts, and impose new inferior ones without going through a proper consultation process, and they are threatening redundancy for any employees who refuse to accept the new terms,” continued Cllr. Donnelly.

Cllr. Donnelly concluded:  “I have a copy of the letter received by the employees on Friday, and to receive such a letter over the Easter weekend is extremely distressing for long standing loyal employees, to say the least.  At the very least Tesco must enter into meaningful dialogue with its existing employees in Douglas, via their unions, and must apologise to its employees for treating them in this appalling way.  Tesco Ireland has been an extremely profitable company for many years, and such behaviour is completely out of order.”

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