Cllr. Donnelly welcomes Tesco’s change of heart with some employees in Douglas

16th April 2009

Now the same must happen for all their existing workers

Following meetings today between management at Tesco Douglas and representatives of SIPTU and the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland, at which satisfactory terms were agreed for their members in the transfer to the new Tesco Extra store in Douglas, Cllr. Dominick Donnelly, the Green Party member of Passage West Town Council and candidate for Cork County Council, has encouraged Tesco Ireland to treat the vast majority of their existing workers, who are members of the Mandate union, in the same way.


Cllr. Donnelly said:  “I welcome the fact that Tesco has today agreed to treat its employees who are members of SIPTU or the Craft Butchers fairly.  However these are only small numbers of people, and the vast majority of Tesco’s employees, who are members of Mandate, are still being treated appallingly.  Why Tesco is behaving in this way with people who have given just long and loyal service is beyond belief, and is proving to be a P.R. disaster for the company.”


“I urge the management of Tesco Douglas to sit down with representatives of Mandate as soon as possible, and to negotiate reasonable terms for the transfer of the staff to the new store.  Otherwise they are going to lose huge numbers of customers, as the level of anger in the community is huge, and Tesco are very rapidly losing the goodwill of the local community in and around Douglas,” concluded Cllr. Donnelly.

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